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With performance comparable to terrestrial broadband services, offering speeds to up to 195Mbps and latency of less than 50ms, our fibre-like experience will transform in-flight connectivity now and for the future. We will finally deliver the promise of the office in the sky, delivering an in-flight connectivity experience that is, like business, always on! Thanks to OneWeb, business aviation will finally mean business.

Passenger Connectivity

Passenger connectivity is critical in business aviation. As they say - time is money! Now more than ever VIP passengers expect to remain connected at all times – after all business aviation is a business tool. Our Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation will deliver an inflight Wi-Fi experience that business aviation passengers can truly connect with. With truly global coverage including the polar regions and a uniform experience, passengers will be able to connect with ease, with confidence and with real purpose – anytime and everywhere. By delivering low latency combined with high speed and consistent throughput, OneWeb will enable passengers to connect like never before enjoying seamless and uninterrupted video conferencing, virtual meetings, cloud computing and live market tracking. And when the work is done, passengers can unwind with peerless streaming services and live sport.

Cabin Crew Connectivity

While passengers are enjoying the freedom to work or relax with their chosen content as they would on the ground, flight attendants will be able to access IoT solutions that will drive the customer experience to new levels of personalisation and sophistication. From real time itinerary management and liaison with concierge services to telemedicine helplines.

Flight Crew Connectivity

On the flight deck, OneWeb can help business jet operators maximise inflight efficiency. One of the major advantages of business aviation is the flexibility that it offers users – a change in flight time, or destination can come without warning. With no-lag and uniform connectivity experience flight crews will be able to access, with confidence, real-time flight planning applications via their EFB. Flight crew will be able to update and optimise their flight plans en-route – taking in to account any sudden changes to the itinerary, while reducing fuel burn, minimising weather-related delays and making sure the passenger arrives ready for business.

Operational Connectivity

OneWeb is finally delivering on the promise of a truly connected aircraft. By facilitating the affordable transfer of aircraft data, OneWeb will help operators transform their maintenance operations. Our connectivity solutions will reduce aircraft maintenance downtime through the activation of data driven analytics including; real-time in-flight maintenance tracking and notifications, real-time in-flight telemetry from components to hangar, video and image downloads of faults from the air and predictive analysis of maintenance data.

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