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Integrate, manage, flex, and scale

OneWeb Enterprise solutions are designed to scale availability and performance of existing network solutions in a world that is increasingly reliant on technology. The need for Cloud computing, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence is driving critical innovation. OneWeb solutions, delivered via our Distribution Partners, reach out to every community, school, and hospital, every civil emergency outpost, every industry and business operation, and every remote event. We integrate seamlessly with our partners to overcome the biggest connectivity challenges with simple management, fast delivery, and easy rooftop hardware installations, for a reliable, efficient network powered from space.


As high-speed data applications such as media streaming and video conferencing demands increase year on year, increasing backhaul data rates quickly and easily is critical to stay ahead of the competition. With up to 10 x lower latency than GEO services and high-capacity User Terminals, upgrading and extending network coverage has never been easier.


Where existing backhaul infrastructure is unreliable through persistent cable theft or civil works damage, OneWeb can be deployed as a backup when the primary link goes down or where surge capacity is required for temporary periods where the backhaul becomes congested. For e.g. football matches, concerts and festivals.

Remote coverage

Where existing backhaul does not already exist, OneWeb is used to economically extend mobile coverage to remote communities. Deploying a OneWeb User Terminal requires a minimal infrastructure footprint and maintains the fibre-like experience common in urban locations.

Immediate solutions

Enterprise customers can have a reliable and fast service delivered in the short term to support their needs whilst terrestrial networks are being built out. Once the terrestrial network reaches the location, the OneWeb terminal can be part of a diversity network connectivity solution.

Global enterprise

OneWeb extends the corporate office environment anywhere on the planet, delivering a fibre-like experience and the ability to transmit and access data quickly, economically and securely between local and international locations. OneWeb’s ability to peer directly with Cloud providers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure provide the fastest connection available for latency critical applications such as banking, teleconferencing, and real-time collaboration.

Connect with More

Programmable Networks

OneWeb has listened to the needs of customers and understands the pressing need to be able to integrate, manage, flex, and scale high-speed network services. Our suite of digital products help our partners manage the whole customer lifecycle so customers can provision or deprovision services quickly and efficiently. They can also be integrated as APIs or Web Apps. The choice is yours. We are bringing Connectivity-As-A-Service to life.

Network of Networks

OneWeb’s network offers MNOs widely applicable backhaul solutions for different remote cell sites that can bring high-speed connectivity to rural, remote, and unserved communities. Central access points can be powered by OneWeb to support community wifi, with critical connectivity for businesses and government services, including revenue authorities, hospitals, and schools, to help bridge the digital divide, drive growth through connectivity, meet sustainability goals, and achieve universal coverage. Our network can also be integrated into existing backhaul solutions, support 4G/5G roll-outs, provide backup for critical sites, and infill capacity for special events.

Distribution Partners

Business-use simplicity for a OneWeb Distribution Partner means less equipment, rapid scalability, and software-centric networking and cloud technologies. For the OneWeb team, it means collaboration, expertise, and digital products that help our partners to create instant virtual networks with the same high-performance characteristics of a private network. If you have a vision of how OneWeb can power your Enterprise, Government, Civil Society, Maritime or Aviation business, and you have a large customer base ready for low latency high speed connectivity, OneWeb would like to hear from you.

OneWeb Connectivity Use Cases

Community Wifi and ISP

Environmental services

Financial services

Emergency providers

Energy sectors




Broadcast news




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