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Maritime shipping is as old as commerce itself and as important to the world economy as it has ever been. It is also now on the brink of significant change as new breakthroughs occur in commercial mobile communications. OneWeb’s first global communications network powered by satellite will drive this change, delivering new levels of throughput and low latency that will lower the barriers to high quality maritime connectivity, and enable fleets of the future.

Traditionally, connectivity within the maritime sector has been slow, intermittent, limited and prohibitively expensive.

Maritime users are fundamentally hindered by established network services that deliver connectivity in a single package for an entire ship, rather than tailored to the end-users’ needs. The inability of network providers to differentiate between telemetry, ship operations and crew, for example, means that each must limit their behaviours to fit the narrow capacity, or thoughput, allocated to them.

New tech scalability, however, is changing this legacy on two major fronts, with new requirements to meet demand for technology, and to serve more vessels, personnel and end-users.

The proliferation of personal mobile devices, growth in video streaming as well as use of cloud applications, has made it imperative for modern maritime business to respond to these social and technological changes taking place and match their differing requirements to the optimal data transport available.

The challenges, or opportunities, are further compounded as businesses grow in size, and technology providers and resellers look to deliver new capabilities that help these growing maritime fleets further on their journey.

For maritime, the solution likes in flexible, customisable, pervasive connectivity.

By enabling office programmes and cloud services to be seamlessly used at sea, OneWeb’s global communications network will provide critical consistency for IT applications that can reduce the need for maintenance.

Connectivity will be key to smaller shipping operators looking to reduce up-front capital investment through “Machinery-as-a-Service”, where improved connectivity will facilitate predictive maintenance and data analytics.

OneWeb’s high performance network will help customers future-proof themselves in terms of being able to service increased scale. This is of particular interest to resellers looking to increase revenues, as well as to more agile smaller shipping companies entering the market and challenging incumbents.

The best network for maritime doesn’t therefore just need coverage or speed; it needs the right flexibility and connectivity that is fit-for-purpose for the maritime requirements of today in terms of function (telemetry, operations, crew) and format (video streaming), as well as the future.


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